Sunday, August 16, 2009

Frog Lake

Despite visiting South Lake Tahoe multiple times a year we are still trying to get familiar with the area. We are not avid snowboarders or skiers and our hiking chops are minimal but we are working on improving that [well, working more towards the latter actually]. We're still in learning mode every time we're up here so anything we come across is more "exploratory" rather than a serious experience so to speak ;)

Like this hike for example. We were driving along HWY 88 and decided to stop for a quick walk. The quick walk ended up being about a 3.5 mile hike round trip into Frog Lake. Most of the snow had already melted but there was still some left, especially around the lake area, so it was a little hard to walk through in sandals.

Luckily the hike was tame enough for us beginners, a relatively flat and clearly marked path that did not involve steep climbs. It was a late afternoon in the middle of August so the trail was relatively empty. Despite the name there aren't any actual frogs in the lake so I'm not sure where the name stems from.

Frog Lake

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