Saturday, July 21, 2012

Echo Lake

We have rarely explored the different trails and locations among HWY 50, after we get into South Lake Tahoe we usually explore within and over into the Nevada side. This time though we wanted to find a hiking trail that we could take our doggy to and that we had not explored yet. So we headed for Echo Lake.

The Echo Lake Rd/Forest Route is narrow but it gets even more so as we get closer to the lake. According to Google maps it looks like there are two roads, one for heading in and one for heading out, but I don't recall this being the case. Cars were coming and going from both directions on the same road and it was a little tough to maneuver out since there were cars parked on both sides. There is a small parking lot near the lake but it gets full fast. We ended up finding a spot and made our way to the lake/hiking trail.

There are many cute rustic cabins around the area not sure if people live there year round or if they are vacation rentals. At the base of the lake there is a dock and a small convenience store/post office [The Chalet] to the right. There is a motorized boat [water taxi] that can take people across the lake if desired, cost is $12 per person and it appears that pets are allowed on it as well. To hike you must fill out a wilderness permit [free of charge] in order to enter the Wilderness Desolation Area. As always, it is recommended to keep properly hydrated and, in our case, keep pets under supervision at all times.

The trail is moderate, a little narrow and slippery at times but nothing too hard. There are some interesting trees on the path, some of them feel like they could be part of the shire, and some interesting rocks as well. We were there during summer so the water and weather were absolutely beautiful. There are some houses/cabins along the edge of the lake which are visible from the hiking trail and it is advised to not disturb residents. We did not reach the other end of the lake since we did a short hike only but we'd definitely like to go back soon a maybe try a hike during winter.

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