Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Cozmic Café

Ok, so the Cozmic Café is not in Tahoe, per se, but it's on the way up there and it's worth a mention.

The hubby saw someone post about the café online (somewhere) so we decided that'd we stop by the next time we were up in Tahoe. It was pretty late on our way up to the cabin and it's a little far from Tahoe just for a quick drive so we decided to make the pit stop on our way back home. When we finally made it there it was also relatively late so we didn't get a chance to hang out for too long but we were at least able to get a smoothie and a tea and got to check out the inside.

The thing about the Cozmic Café, aside from the coffee, smoothies, the array of healthy options for breakfast and lunch, yoga classes, drinks and live music, is that it's built on an abandoned gold mine. It's kind of the main reason why we were interested in stopping by in the first place. Placerville was founded during the California Gold Rush and this little spot is one of the historic sites still left.

The cobblestone building is divided into two floors, the lower level contains the coffee shop and seating area that leads to the mine and the upstairs floor contains the "stage" area and the bar. The Cozmic is a favorite among the locals and it seems to be quite popular among us tourists as well. They offer quite a menu of events so it'd be worth it to check it out when one of those is happening. I'd definitely like to go back and try the food though but it was great to be there without the large crowds.

The Cozmic Cafe

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