Friday, May 3, 2013

Bonsai Rock

A little nature gem not easy to find but well worth it.

The hubby was on research mode looking for interesting locations to try out the camera with. Lo and behold he came across an area referenced to as Bonsai Rock and we were well on our way. This location is not on the Tahoe guide but luckily we had coordinates, otherwise it would've been difficult to find. It's located off of HWY 28 on the Nevada side past Spooner Lake just before Sand Harbor.

The site does not have designated parking so one must find a spot on the side of the road. Some areas are off limits so be careful not to park there otherwise you'll get fined and/or towed. Luckily it was late afternoon [we were there for sunset pictures] so it was pretty desolate. I did a quick walk along the road to try and spot the rock from atop and once located we descended. The short hike down is a little tricky though, there is a semi-steep area to get through and the sand/dirt is pretty loose. There are "paths" visible but they aren't exactly clearly marked so you kind of just have to follow the best way down.

After making our way to the bottom we set up and began snapping away. The main piece of attraction is the rock with the little tree growing on it. To the right of it there is a small cluster of boulders that also make for an attractive composition while the lake and mountains serve as an extensive background. We did not wait for a full night fall, although the hike back up is short we felt some light would be necessary since the way back up also requires some attention. Great little spot, curious to find out if it's accessible during winter.

"X" marks the spot. Point of ref of when to hike down


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