Saturday, May 4, 2013

Emerald Bay & Eagle Falls

Another popular area, Emerald Bay contains a great overlook spot (perfect for those tourist pictures :)), hiking trails, a waterfall and even a mansion.

Emerald Bay, Lake Tahoe
photo credit: rsgalloway

We have been meaning to trek down to Vikingsholm but for one reason or another it hasn't happened yet. We usually just end up stopping at the overlook, snapping a few pictures and enjoying the sights. The hubby just purchased a new camera though so we're slowly venturing out into "new spots" to try and get some interesting photographs. I, on the other hand, am a little more on the fly and a little less techie so I just snap pictures with my phone for the blog (hence the crappy resolution).

First, we made the usual stop at the overlook and got a few shots. The image to the right is from the winter season but it's one of my favorites and a lot better than what I took this past weekend.  I think I just prefer the snow really, it always makes places look so much more interesting. 

Then we made our way over to another nearby spot in order to get a better view of Fanette Island and use for inspiration what other photographers have done around the area. We waited for nighttime to try an get a few star shots in the background but we didn't have much luck. 

We came back the next day and headed over to (upper) Eagle Falls. It was pretty windy and cloudy so the lighting wasn't the best but it was good enough for practice shots. It wasn't too busy so parking was easily accessible and the area wasn't too congested with foot traffic either. There was a girl working on an acrylic painting and a couple taking some pictures. They asked us if we where there to take some engagement photos, which I thought was pretty cool, looks like we still have that newlywed glow. 

Apparently there is a hiking trail that takes you to the lower part of the falls but we didn't explore it. It's about a 2 mile roundtrip so it's not too bad. At the time we weren't aware that we could go to the base of the waterfall otherwise we might have hiked down there as well. 


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