Saturday, June 1, 2013

Bathroom Renovations

The Lake Tahoe Chalet has gone under some major renovations in the last five years, and we're finally getting 'round to finishing the bathrooms, yay! The cabin was built in 1976 so you can imagine all the linoleum and yellow countertops. Over the last two+ weeks we renovated the cabin's two bathrooms, the laundry room and one entry closet.

2800 LF of TnG Knotty Pine

We ordered 2,800 linear feet of tongue-n-groove knotty pine from skyline woods in Montana, which we then unloaded into the driveway. It would've been easier to unload and stack with a forklift but we don't own that kind of machinery so we unloaded and stacked the old fashioned way, by hand. We also had about 500 square feet of extra 12x12 slate tile from tiling the floors.

We then demo'ed and prep'ed the rooms, taking out all the bookcases, shelves, linens, washer, dryer, etc. and stripping the linoleum from the floor and tile from vanities and tub surrounds (which is easier said than done -- back in the 70s they still used chicken wire and mortar to tile).

Darnie, like in her VFX project management job, learned that we could go over the budget and "bid" our man days. Slightly different crunch time but still with some needed overtime to triumphantly complete our goal within the allotted time. There is an infinite amount of online resources and plenty of DIY information, but for a couple of amateurs the information can be overwhelming and sometimes downright scary. Put it this way, we learned way more about toilets than we ever wanted to know.

Yes, slate tile, Hardi-Backer, spacers, thin-set/mortar, grout and tongue-in-groove are all part of our lexicon now. We can't add it to our C.V.s or anything but it's an experience gained (let's hope it's not a frequent one) and one to be proud of. We hope you enjoy our newly renovated bathrooms during your stay at the Lake Tahoe Chalet!

And after all that was said and done:


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