Saturday, October 12, 2013

Base Camp Pizza Co.

Another local restaurant that has become one of our favorite places: Base Camp Pizza Co. They are located right on Heavenly Village so, although it may seem a bit touristy, their food is really good, the staff is always friendly and, best of all (for us), they allow dogs (for outside seating only). They have a full bar which is nice - as opposed to your traditional wine and beer only - and the outdoor seating is equipped with heaters and blankets for those chilly days or nights. Also, on weekends there is live music and it's usually a musician playing amplified acoustic covers.

We've been here a few times and we've never been disappointed. It's standard fare so expect dinner for two to be upwards of $50 if you're ordering appetizers and drinks in addition to a main course. We haven't tried everything on the menu but what we have tried has always been quite tasty.

A few of our favorites dishes:

Appetizer: Hummus. Served with olive oil, kalamata olives, feta cheese and warm pita slices -this appetizer doesn't disappoint.

Salad: Pear and Walnut. Mixed greens tossed in a balsamic vinaigrette with pears, candied walnuts, red onions and Gorgonzola cheese. It's a nice variation of the walnut and raspberry vinaigrette version.

Pizza: Smoky BBQ Chicken & Hawaiian. All the pizza's are thin crust, not too overloaded with toppings but just enough so all the right flavors are there.  The Fire Roasted Medley was a little disappointing simply because we were expecting something spicy but in the end it was more of a traditional sauce with bell peppers. Looking forward to trying the Pear & Gorgonzola next. (*Note: You'll have to order a large pizza if you want a half and half type topping deal).

smoky BBQ chicken pizza

Drinks & Cocktails:

Water, lemonade and soda (I believe) are all served in large mason jars so you'll never go thirsty.
Minted Moscow Mule: very tasty and served in a traditional copper mug.
Minted Moscow Mule
Dark & Stormy: good but it reminded me of what a non-minted Moscow Mule actually tastes like.
Tahoe Sunset: very sweet and a perfect beach drink.
Margarita: not as sweet as some other margaritas and you can definitely taste the tequila!

Happy Camper: Alcohol is really subtle almost indistinguishable - it's actually more like an orange/pineapple smoothie. It'd be perfect for a hot summer day though!

Happy Camper


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